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Preventing Overuse is the Key

Many polio survivors have been pushing beyond the strength of their polio-damaged muscles. They have been over using weakened muscles.

Post Polio Syndrome requires lifestyle changes. It's time to think about Moderation and Conservation.

Polio survivors must participate in treatment and learn to adapt in order to preserve as much function as possible preventing further neuromuscular deterioration. Some of the assitive devices may help preserve over-used muscles. Many people have to go back to braces, crutches, wheelchairs, scooters and respirators. Many who have never used assistive devices now need them to assist in daily living. Remember every body's needs are different. So one item doesn't fit all. Of prime importance is good communication with your medical care provider.

Knowledgeable physicians make the following management recommendations:
LISTEN to your body.
PACE yourself, slow down.
DO NOT OVERUSE; avoid fatigue that lasts more than ten minutes.
REST when you are tired, stop for 15-30 minutes, perhaps several times a day.
AVOID or reverse excess weight gains.
USE MEDICATIONS CAUTIOUSLY and with your physician's knowledge.

There are many people that had undiagnosed cases of Polio that are now presenting to their health care providers with symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome.

Post Polio Syndrome can be very hard on family dynamics. Support groups and/or other polio survivors can be very helpful with adjustments to living styles.

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